Over its 83 years, the Academy Awards ceremony has produced hundreds of memorable, inspirational and surprising moments. The coveted Oscar statuette instigates cinema’s elite to cry, kiss, scream and “exercise”. With emotions running high and the tension thick, there is never any telling what will happen during award show.

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10. Roberto Benigni Goes Nuts

Upon winning Best Foreign Film for ‘Life is Beautiful,’ the goofy Italian auteur goes wild.

9. Martin Scorsese Finally Wins

After one of the most celebrated forty-year careers in film, the director finally wins a Best Director Oscar for “The Departed.”

8. Performance Of “Blame Canada”

Robin Williams sings the controversial ‘South Park’ anthem and Best Original Song nominee.

7. Jack Palance’s One-Armed Pushups

To celebrate his win for Curly in ‘City Slickers,’ the 73-year old actor celebrates unlike anyone else.

6. Adrien Brody Kisses Halle Berry

The 29-year old becomes the youngest to win Best Actor and celebrates by kissing the reigning Best Actress.

5. Robert Opal Becomes ‘The Oscar Streaker’

The unknown photographer becomes infamous in moments for his naked run across the stage.

4. Heath Ledger Wins For The Joker

Perhaps the saddest and emotionally-moving moment in the award show’s history, the parents and sister of the recently deceased young actor accept his award.

3. Sally Field’s ‘You Like Me’ Speech

This has become the most quoted, and possibly misquoted, acceptance speech of all time.

2. Sidney Poitier Wins Best Actor

In 1964, the star of ‘Lillies of the Field’ becomes the first African-American to win the Best Actor Oscar.

1. Charlie Chaplin’s American Return

After a 20-year self-imposed exile from the United States, the silent film mega-star returns to accept an honorary Academy Award.