This week represents another one of the “firsts” since my precious mother went to be our angel and momma in heaven instead of on earth.  There are so many things that run through my mind as I remember past Mother’s Day celebrations and being with my mom on her special day is something I will always treasure. 

Many of you knew my mom and what an amazingly special woman that she was.  She was always there for her three girls:  Brianna, Chelsea, and I not only had a mother we also had a best friend.  She somehow always had the words and advice to fix any troubles that we faced and she was always our biggest supporter and encourager.  Don’t get me wrong growing up we had rules and things that we had to do each and every day to meet her approval.  I personally tested those rules and boundaries more than my sisters did and paid for it time and time again.  I did eventually learn though it just took me a bit and as I grew older she really did become one of my very best friends and confidantes. 

There was just something about my mom that drew you in.  In September of 2011 we learned that my mom had cancer and it was a cancer that unfortunately doesn’t have many treatments.  It was actually during this time that I realized what a precious jewel I really had in my mother.  I realized that I had a very strong and brave mother and she taught me more during the 10 months that she battled this disease than I could ever imagine.  She faced all of her chemo treatments, endless lab draws, and scan after scan of her body and countless other things that she had to go through head first because she was bound and determined to overcome this disease that was overtaking her body.  She faced each and every day with a smile and courage and many of us never realized the effect it was taking on her body in the inside.  You see she never ever complained about any of it she was just filled with sheer determination.  By looking at my mother “you would never even know she was even sick” as was stated numerous times by people and medical professionals even the day that we left MD Anderson going home with Hospice.  It was during this week at home with her and seeing the many cards, letters, texts, emails, food, gifts, visitors, ect that I began to realize that there were a tremendous amount of people that knew my mom was just as special as I always had. 

My mom had the special gift that allowed her to be loved by so many and touch others lives as few of us can.  She was always full of life and had a radiant smile that would light up the room.  It was a smile that was so special that you would at times feel as though it was just meant for you and she always managed to make you feel important and loved.  My mom gave of herself to others unconditionally and would drop anything at the drop of a hat to be with her family and friends.  She was just that special kind of person and I know everyone that met her felt a different kind of bond and special relationship with her. 

  My mom left us all with the legacy of “Faith, Hope, and Love” and the fact that if you have these three things in your life than all will be ok.  My mom was the anchor that kept all of us grounded and going forward with life and trying to make decisions about things without her has been difficult for my family.  I can only hope that I can be as strong, courageous, full of life, and have the effect on others that my mom seemed to have.  I am most humbled by the effects that she had on others and how many she reached and realize that her life was full of purpose and she achieved more in 52 years than most people do in a lifetime.

  Be thankful for each and every moment with your mom, dad, family, friends, loved ones, ect because you never know when they will no longer be around.  Taking time to spend with your loved ones and saying “I love you” is something that should never be taken for granted.  I know that my sisters and I all wish for just one more day or one more moment with our momma.  My mom lived her life to the fullest and never let a day be wasted even at the end of her life.  I am so extremely blessed and thankful that God chose Marla Hartman to be my mother and she is in my thoughts every moment of every single day.  Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom in Heaven, “I love you” and I can’t wait to be able to see you and hug you once again!

This touching tribute was written by Monica Lassmann