Dumb Criminals

Pennsylvania Woman Hides in Suitcase to Escape Cops
When we pack for a getaway, we fill our suitcase with swim trunks and suntan lotion. But 28-year-old Pennsylvania woman Charley Fretz packed a suitcase with herself in an attempt to evade police on Wednesday. Needless to say, her creative method of escape didn’t work.
60-Year-Old Woman Ends Up In Jail After a Fight Over Lube
Sometimes, when the hot rod is leaving the garage, you have to grease up the gears a bit to make her purr. Especially if your chosen hot rod is a 60-year-old woman. But, before you get out the lube, make sure you’re both on the same page about what you’re going to use…
Man Pays for Denny’s Breakfast With Sack of Marijuana
Sometimes when you’ve got a terrible case of the “munchies,” but not a lot of money in your pocket, you just can’t be stopped from doing something pretty rash. The body needs nourishment, after all, and you don’t want to walk around with a growling stomach all night. You’ve got to eat.
A gentleman fr…
Drunk Dad Lets 10-Year-Old Son Drive
A tipsy pop is in hot water after reportedly allowing his 10-year-old son to act as his designated driver. (Yes, you read that right.) Even worse, we’ve seen this sort of  thing before.

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