Chile Makes It Illegal to Use Toys to Market Food [POLL]
There are going to be a lot of disappointed kids screaming from the backseats of their parents’ cars in fast food drive-thrus all across Chile, as the government is cracking down on a new law making it illegal for restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC to in…
What Are the Best Cities in America for Senior Citizens?
Watching old episodes of the hit television series ‘Seinfeld’ can lead a person to believe that all senior citizens flock to Florida to live in the sultry confines of places like Del Boca Vista, but a new study suggests that might not be exactly accurate.
Working the Late Shift Could Give You a Heart Attack
While some may prefer the relative quiet of working the late shift, a new study says that after-hours work may be bad for your health.
In fact, the study says, working the graveyard shift may actually give you a heart attack or stroke.

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