Sponsored by Victoria Harley-Davidson, Victoria HOG Chapter and the dedicate staff of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, it's the TOny Borowicz 15th Annual Memorial Blood Drive on Saturday, April 14th.  All presenting donors will receive a satisfying feeling of saving lives...
10 Signs You Have the Obesity Gene
It’s no secret that America has a weight problem. We love food too much and exercise too little. A life like that doesn’t have many healthy side effects, affordable health care or pants that don’t create muffin tops.
Can Aspirin Prevent Cancer?
An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but new research indicates that while it doesn’t rhyme quite as well, an aspirin a day may ward off cancer.
Website Helps Find The Cheapest Beer Prices Near You
When a website uses a giant winking keg as its spokesmodel, you know it is as good for you as it is bad for your liver. helps you find the cheapest beer near you, so you can concentrate on drinking beer instead of shopping for it.
Is Obesity Contagious?
Recent studies have shown we tend to eat more when the people around us do. But new research with mice takes that one further, revealing obesity may actually be contagious.

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