Bizarre Cat With Five Ears Found in Russia
Cats already have remarkable hearing skills, but a gray feline in Russia found with five ears takes the cake for impressive hearing ability.
According to Vladimir Obryvkov of the Voronezh State University of Agriculture, the cat -- named Luntya -- has two normal ears, two extra ears located just in f…
The Guiltiest Dogs on The Web [VIDEOS]
Is there anything sadder than a guilty dog? Especially one that's just gotten his or her nose figuratively "rubbed in it?"
Here are some adorably pathetic dogs who don't even need to be disciplined because they've already punished themselves enough.
Our Pet Of The Day: Zevon
What can you say about a dog named Zevon? First of all, the question we always get is, “That’s an unusual name. What does it mean?” This Alaskan Malamute is named after Warren Zevon. Now, as Paul Harvey famously said, the rest of the story.
Our Pet Of The Day: Lilly
Allow me to introduce you to Lilly. Also known as Miss Lilly Von Schtupp, The Lillinator, or Lilly Lillerton. Sometimes when she’s in trouble, which is very rare, by the way, it’s simply “Dammit, Cat!”
Our Pet of the Day: Thor
Those who know me weren't too surprised when I named my dog after the Norse God of Thunder, thereby making my pet the Dog of Thunder. They weren't surprised because it's a typical nerd thing to do and well, I'm a typical nerd.
Thor, on the other hand, is not your typical dog...
Our Pet of the Day: Charlie
Charlie is the newest member to our family. We adopted him in early December from Dorothy O’Conner Pet Adoption Center.
It’s funny how it happened. We weren’t even looking actually. My sister has four dogs that she has adopted from DOCPAC and two of them were in the Christmas Parade. My son walked o…
Our Pet of the Day: Jules
Jason Martin of the Victoria Police Department has a Jack Russell Terrier he lovingly refers to as his "Precious Jules". Jules is a rambunctious young pup at the ripe age of a year and a half.
She doesn't particularly have a favorite toy...
Our Pet Of The Day: Caesar
Pugs have a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, large expressive eyes and curled tail. Caesar is my husband’s dog and is a pug.
Caesar is the most loveable dog you could ever meet. When our friend’s children come over he will let them sit on him, dress him up, love on him, w…
Our Pet Of The Day: Love
I know anyone reading this probably is asking themselves who names their dog "Love".
Well, I did.
I really don't remember why I named him Love. He is very moody but one thing that makes him very happy is chasing balls. We have to hide balls from him or he will sit there and ba…
Our Pet Of The Day: Richard
Evan is one of our sales executive here with Q-92. She has a Weiner Dog named Sir Richard Longfellow Johnson III.
His favorite toy is Jolly Balls. His full name is Sir Richard Longfellow Johnson III a.k.a. Little Dick Dick, Mr. Johnson, Sir Johnson, Weiner, Wing Ding...
Our Pet of the Day: Speedy
We have another pet around our station but we're not really sure if most people would be able to call him a pet. His name is Speedy and he is a little snail.
I don’t know if you can really say snails are cute but he is very interesting looking...
Our Pet of the Day: Ranger
Our Pet of the Day is Ranger, aka Danger Ranger. He is our station pet who greets us outside every morning. If he doesn't, we all ask each other who's seen Ranger. During the bad weather, we would let him in so he could stay warm. He got a little spoiled so we let him in now during the day…

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