The Grand Canyon Skywalk — Go Here
Grand Canyon West is privately owned by the Hualapai tribe, and it was they who conceived of and now operate the Grand Canyon Skywalk -- A transparent, horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge in Arizona that allows you to get a feel for just how gigantic the Grand Canyon truly is, by scaring the life&nbs…
Go Here: Nap Time on China’s Great Wall
Once upon a time, the rulers of China, especially the Ming Dynasty emperors, decided to build a very big and very long wall, in order to keep the Manchurian and Mongolian raiders at bay. Maybe you’ve heard of this “Great Wall of China?” It’…
Go Here: Abandoned Hospital on North Brother Island in NY
Every time I got sick as a kid, my mother would call me 'Typhoid Mary.' That was before the internet was a thing, and so I always assumed she was having a bout of amnesia. When I was older, though, I learned that Mary was very real, typhoid was very scary, and this abandoned island hospita…
Sleep Tight in The Human Colon Hotel
When planning your next romantic getaway, you may want to avoid making reservations here; unless of course your companion happens to be a super-sexy proctologist with extremely bad taste and a well-greased…sense of humor.

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