Granny Uses Sex Doll to Make Drivers Slow Down
Working on the theory that traffic always slows to a crawl when drivers want to get a good look at something, a Chinese grandmother who was fed up with people speeding through the crosswalk near her home came up with a rather unorthodox solution: She tied a blow-up doll to a tree on the corner.
Guy Films Himself Speeding on Motorcycle
This guy (or girl) is crazy. Or ‘cray’ as they say. We hate to sound like the worried parents, but honestly… what’s the point of this? To be a YouTube phenomenon? We can’t even see their face. Motorcycles are often vehicles for the presump…
Celebrate Independence Day
Do you have big plans to celebrate this Independence Day? If you don’t have plans yet plan to celebrate this Independence Day with Reckless Kelly at the Miller Lite Blast Off presented by Miller Lite Blast Off presented by Hartman Distributing and City of Victoria...
What Are America’s Cleanest and Dirtiest Beaches?
If you’re planning a waterfront vacation, it may alarm you to know that a new report reveals sewage and storm water pollution in beaches across the US could put your health at risk — and you might be surprised to learn which beaches are the cleanest.
Red Cars Attract More Bird Poop
You’ve probably heard that red cars get more speeding tickets, and that they cost more to insure. Contrary to popular belief, neither of these oft-quoted arguments against going red are true.
THIS WEEKEND! The Music Arrives!
If you love music and I mean a lot of music with good times and meeting  new and old friends ... there is only one place to be this weekend!  Because, it's all about the music and more this weekend at Fulton Harbor Park, Rockport-Fulton, TX...

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