Video Games

10 Goriest Video Games Ever
Here’s our list of the top 10 goriest games ever to make your stomach turn and to make your parent’s ire rise.
Games are no newcomer to gore. Since their inception, a bit of competition has always been a part of the mix. Pong, for instance, was all about beating your …
Do You Suffer from a Gaming Addiction?
We’ve spent our fair share of bleary-eyed nights in front of computers and gaming consoles. But it never once occurred to us that we might, you know, have a problem. And yet, according to the American Psychiatric Association, this could be a sign of a serious addiction.
10 Best iPhone Games
If you asked Siri what the 10 best iPhone games were, she’d probably answer with a list that looks a little like this.
The 10 Worst NES Games Ever
Although the NES had its highs, giving us some of our favorite gaming memories, it definitely wasn’t shy about drilling us with stinkers at regular intervals. Here are the 10 NES games that made us cry, starting with number 10:
Wrecking Crew — At least one of the crappy single-screen Mario games dese…
10 Must Play Pinball Machines For Guys
The neighborhood video arcade may have fallen into the black hole of progress along with frosted hair tips, acid washed jeans and health care with reasonable co-pays, but the people who long to see its mixed aurora borealis of pixelated lights and neon signs are not going anywhere.
Top 5 Best And Worst Players In Tecmo Bowl
If you owned a Nintendo in the late ’80s / early ’90s, you probably played a game or twelve hundred of Tecmo Bowl. Nearly 23 years since its release, it still has a cult following and annual tournaments that put Madden’s to shame.

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