Tropical Storm Bill Hits The Crossroads-Updated
We all know how devastating a Hurricane can be, and fortunately, we're only dealing with a Tropical Storm in Bill. Here's the latest information, and what we can expect. We will keep you updated as long as the storm affects our area.
Tropical Storm Bill came ashore at noon near Ma…
Texas Companies Help Flood Victims
One thing that's great about Texas residents is our willingness to jump in and help our neighbors when the going gets tough. So many people have been affected by floods all over the state and, not only are people stepping up to help on the local level but, some large Texas companies are also co…
Victoria Flood Shelter Information
As some residents in the city of Victoria face evacuation, a number of shelter facilities have been made available. Some of these may still have space, and some have certain restrictions so, call for more information.
Salvation Army, 1306 Louis St...

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