There are many kinds of co-workers but one you can not “tune” out is the Noisemaker. This co-worker irritates you just by making that sound and sends your body into a cringe.

Whether they are whistling, singing, humming, knuckle cracking, clicking their pen, sipping their drink loudly or crunching or smacking when they eat, it drives you up the wall.

One of my facebook friends, Shanon, had a co-worker that sucked their teeth while at work. Yeah, that would make me want to offer them some duck tape to keep those lips together and give me peace of mind.

Another friend, Chelsy, said she has a “crazy, wicked” woman she works with who hums to the radio loudly and off tune and does it all day long. A producer called her out once by asking if there was a cow outside. The co-worker was quiet the rest of the day but the next day went back to humming.

Last but not least, one of the traits of the noisemaker is the co-worker that talks to theirself. It drives you crazy because you think they are talking to you. And it’s so bad sometimes you stop what you are doing to ask them what they need only to find out they were talking to themselves. If you deal with this type of co-worker, here’s a tip, invest in a radio or insanely loud fan to tune them out.

I truly hope you work in a peaceful, serene environment and don't deal with any of these noisemakers.