Everyone works hard at his or her job, right? We all need that paycheck. We all care about doing what’s best for the company right? It’s about teamwork.

Well, not in every office.

I have worked with some folks who take the cake... literally. For example, I worked in an office where we would have a birthday celebration each month for all those workers who's birthday had fallen within that month. This would include a potluck style lunch.

Not to mention any names... but there was a certain co-worker that would gladly (and, in their mind, rightfully) partake in the delicious treats but never bring one for others to enjoy. What about the co-worker that says “It’s not my job” when you ask them to help you out with something.

What is probably the most frustrating of all is that they always have an excuse... I have a headache, I didn’t know, I don’t know how... instead of being willing to learn. It’s quite frustrating when one doesn’t pull his or her own weight.

Why is it permitted for some co-workers to show up continuously late (like hours... not a few minutes as if they got caught by the train), push their job on to someone else’s plate (as if they are too busy, probably because they show up hours late), or act like they just don’t know what’s going on to get out of working (if you are really that stupid, how did you get hired in the first place)?

Anyone else got a slacker in their office?