When one hears the words "cat burglar", one might imagine a stealthy, nimble thief making his way into high rises to steal away the valuables of the well to do owner and vanishing off into the night.

In this case, the words are literal. This is a cat. That burgles.

Dusty, klepto kitty extraordinaire, has quietly made off with about 600 items over the past 3 years. Often, he'll have to make two or more trips for his loot, such as in the case when Dusty determines to make off with a pair of shoes or a bikini top and bottom.

Neighbors of Jean Chu and Jim Coleman, Dusty's owners, don't seem overly bothered by the thefts. When an item goes missing, they simply stop by to see if Dusty has deposited it in his horde of towels, shoes, and toys.

Below is a news report out of California that covered Dusty's burgling habits: