Kelly Osbourne, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez were all Stunning at the 2011 Golden Globes! Each of them, with their own style and elegance, owned the red carpet. 

If you can pull off a look on the red carpet, you know you’re Glamorous! It has become an American Passover to look at, judge, and decide what looks hot on celebrities and what doesn’t! We often get ideas of what we like from the hottest looks on TV.

One of my favorite artists is none other than Lady Gaga! With Gaga, you get eccentric, lovely and original all in one package! She doesn’t care what others think and goes completely the other way when it comes to fashion. I must admit that even I have been surprised at some of her outfits, but love her or hate her, she is a fashion genius.

At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, she dominated the red carpet with Alexander McQueen. The dress was phenomenal! I don’t know how she did it to walk in those armadillo shoes, but she pulled it off! She is willing to take risks and it pays off for her big time. Fashion is all about risks. You have to go with what you like and express yourself and take risks!