We teamed up with McAdams Floral to give a chance to our listeners to WIN a snack basket for their boss. This week is national Boss’s Week.  Here is one of our winners: Hector Prado of Easley Construction. Marilyn Garza submitted his name. Here is what she  told us about Hector.

"Hector is one of the most hard working bosses I have ever had; he not only does office work but you can find him on top of any roof job we are working on.  He keeps all the men as well as myself and Joy here in the office motivated.

Hector is a very humble man and never takes the credit for himself on any jobs: all jobs are done by the whole crew no matter the size.  Hector works under a lot of pressure especially when it comes down to deadlines for the job or even for bidding a job.  With a smile on his face he goes about his daily routine no matter what the weather looks like outside, and being in the roofing business that is very hard to do."