When I was growing up I always wanted to be a teacher and my twin sister wanted to be a vet. As I got older I realized I didn’t have the patience to be a teacher but my sister pursed the career of teaching. Teaching is  one of the most difficult  careers.  Teachers are overworked, underpaid, and definitely under-appreciated. I do not have the strength of character to be a teacher.  I have always been amazed  at the love Kelly has for her students and career.  I do get a little jealous when it comes to holidays and summer and she has the time off.  But all teachers deserve that time off.  Teachers need to breathe a sigh of relief, time to take a nice long break, and come back refreshed. I know she deserves it, and needs it, but I envy it!  When I tell my  sister  how lucky she is to have summers off.  She reminds me I  could have chosen to be a teacher too.  I hate to admit it but she is right!!!

 There have been several times when we are out in public and all of sudden we have kids around us smiling and laughing with her about when she was their teacher or what is happening at school. I admire her relationship she has with literally hundreds of students.   It’s not uncommon for  students  to hug her or thank her or tell her how much they miss her. My twin is like a celebrity to her students.  They are in awe when they see her outside of the classroom.  My sister works amazingly hard to make a difference in the lives of children.  Children who will hopefully grow up to lead our country and make our world into a better future.  When we look back many years from now on our careers, I will still enjoy seeing her students come up to her and hearing stories of her accomplishments with students.  But hopefully, by then, I will win the lotto and also have summers off with her!

Too all the teachers ..know that you do make a difference, that people do recognize your hard work, and that we are grateful for what you teach our children.  So this week being Teacher Appreciation week we here at the radio station would like to honor a teacher with a bouquet of fresh flowers from Sunshine florist. Click here to enter to win your child’s teacher a bouquet of flowers.