Jason Martin of the Victoria Police Department has a Jack Russell Terrier he lovingly refers to as his "Precious Jules". Jules is a rambunctious young pup at the ripe age of a year and a half.

She doesn't particularly have a favorite toy... as long as it's round she will chase after and even bring it back to you. She may have a little anxiety giving it up, but once she does there are no regrets because she is ready for you to throw it so she can chase it again.

She has many nicknames... ADHD, Nosey Nancy, Maniac, Jack Russell Terrorist, Melissa. Though she has many names, she has many more tricks. She can sit, stay, heel, "Let it" which means leave it alone, stand (my personal favorite), shake, high five and currently is working on mastering dancing.

Jules and Jason have been partners in crime since she was just six weeks old. It's quite a bond the two of them have. Jules loves to get in his trash, chew things that are plastic and has been known to steal a glove or two off of his patio table. But give her a bone or a ball and it will keep her occupied for hours.

For the unfortunate squirrel that may venture into Jason's backyard, the wrath of Jules will be upon the squeaky little creature. She has it out for those squirrels, so much so that you can just mention the word "squirrel" and her eyes immediately cut to the trees in search of these nut chasing varmints.

Jules is a wonderful pet, will sleep peacefully at your feet, and show you much needed love. A great companion for my boyfriend, Jason Martin.