Allow me to introduce you to Lilly. Also known as Miss Lilly Von Schtupp, The Lillinator, or Lilly Lillerton. Sometimes when she’s in trouble, which is very rare, by the way, it’s simply “Dammit, Cat!”

Lilly was a rescue cat, but not in the traditional sense. I mean she was literally rescued by my wife Donna where she works. It had been a rainy week, and after several days of what seemed like a monsoon, she was on her way to lunch when she heard a tiny mewing sound. She looked around, and saw a small grey and white kitten near the top of a small tree in the parking lot. The poor, terrified little thing was soaking wet, and Donna had to grab her tail to get her to come down.

This was near the hospital where she worked, the kitten had no collar, and there also wasn’t any obvious neighborhood that she could have come from. Thinking that the kitten had hitched a ride in someone’s car, and was lost or abandoned, Donna decided to forego her lunch hour, and take the scared little kitty home.

Cut to the present, and after close to 10 years later, Lilly has turned out to be the best cat ever. She puts up with the rest of our animal menagerie (2 other cats, and 3 dogs), and teasing from the kids, and is always the mellowest of them all. She absolutely has to share the bed with us, and is a true “Mamas Girl.” We like to think of her as kind of the elder states kitty of our little barnyard, and I like to think of Lilly as The Queen of All the Kitties in the World!

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