Evan is one of our sales executive here with Q-92. She has a Weiner Dog named Sir Richard Longfellow Johnson III.

His favorite toy is Jolly Balls. His full name is Sir Richard Longfellow Johnson III a.k.a. Little Dick Dick, Mr. Johnson, Sir Johnson, Weiner, Wing Ding. Pick whichever you would like to use. He is six years old. Evan has had him 5-1/2 years.

He sleeps with his buddy Willie in a crate they share. The jokes never end about his name Richard Johnson. Evan loves to enter him into Weiner Races not because he has ever won, nor do she expect him to but because she loves when they announce his name. She likes to scan the crowd to see who gets what is so funny about his name.

Sir Richard can even do tricks... you can request Richard to "show me some love" and he will sit on his haunches and if you are really lucky, he will start hula dancing with his little short front legs. What is probably the most entertaining is that he is training for the circus.

He has a couple of balls he chases around the yard that are called "Jolly Balls" (they consist of a ball inside of another ball). Evan’s wiener dog Richard Johnson has perfected the art of chasing and rolling and throwing and catching his Jolly Balls all by himself.