At the end of week two I have lost 2.23% of my weight. My goal is to lose anywhere from 35-40 lbs. I have been eating better and have noticed my clothes beginning to fit the way they were meant to!

One of the hardest things to do is go grocery shopping, for several reasons. Firstly, the selection of junk food out there is outrageous! You can go crazy looking for healthy alternatives and when you think you have it, you read the label and are dumbfounded.

It is ridiculous how easily accessible the bad stuff is and how hard to find the good stuff is. Next, you have the cost issue. I have found several products that I know are good for me, but are expensive.

Lastly, which I believe is the most important. Our animals are being fed an abundance of corn, not grass the way nature intended. It stems all the way down to the bottom of the food chain, people!

It is sad and America would be so much better off, if we re-thought what foods we should subsidize.