The Victoria Livestock Show is about to kick off. And as always we will start out in full swing with the Victoria Livestock Show Annual Karaoke Contest. So you think you can sing? Or you like to work a crowd? Well then bring your vocals, talent and enthusiasm to Dodge City for your chance to win $1,000!
That’s right! Winner takes home not only the glory of the title as the 2012 Victoria Livestock Show Annual Karaoke Contest but $1,000! It all starts this Thursday at the newly renovated Dodge City Nightclub located on Northstar Drive. With renowned local karaoke DJ Dustin Tedder in charge, lights and music will fill the night.
The contest is FREE…again…FREE to enter and as always the finals will be held at the Beer Garden March 3rd at the Community Center Annex at 6pm. Be sure to register for the prelims on any of these days: Thursday January 26th, Thursday February 2nd, Friday February 10th, Friday February 17th. Register the night of your musical debut between 7:30 and 8:30 at Dodge City. Each night 5 finalists will be chosen from the prelims to compete for the $1,000 Grand Prize at the Beer Garden. Must be 21 to enter. On that note, Dodge City has drink specials for competitors and the audience on these nights. Door prizes for EVERYONE who walks in the door…contestant or not. And weekly winners receive free drink tickets to Dodge City.
But above all…more than all the excitement of door prizes or drink specials or even the $1,000 cash prize for first place is the glory to call yourself the 2012 Victoria Livestock Show Annual Karaoke winner! So keep checking back for updates on the Karaoke Contest and 2012 Victoria Livestock Show!