See a Photo of Adele as a Baby
We know, you already marvel at Adele‘s beauty as a curvy, thick-haired, gorgeous-faced adult. But did you ever wonder what the ‘Someone Like You’ singer looked like as a toddler? Turns out she was cute as a freakin’ button.
Amy Winehouse Felt Threatened by Adele’s Success
One of the demons Amy Winehouse struggled with before her death last year was jealousy over the success of Adele, according to Winehouse’s former producer, Mark Ronson, who had first-hand knowledge of the singer’s mental state in the months before her passing.
Adele to Perform at A-List Wedding
Adele performances have been rare since her throat surgery, but a certain famous couple is being graced with her powerhouse pipes at their wedding. Who comprises the lucky pair?
Adele Covers EW’s Music Issue
Adele covers the music issue of Entertainment Weekly aka EW, which just landed on stands. There’s really no better choice of artist to grace the cover of this themed issue, since Adele is the best-selling and most critically adored artist of the past decade, if not longer. In an age where CD and ove…
Was Adele’s Ex-Boyfriend Who Inspired ’21′ Outed?
The bazillion people who bought (and related to the tales of heartache encased within) Adele‘s best-selling ’21′ have wondered, at least once or twice, who is the man who broke her heart, inspiring her masterpiece. A lot of pain went into crafting these songs and while the singer herself has said s…
Adele Trying to Lose Weight
Adele is fully recovered from her throat surgery, and it inspired her to get healthier in other areas of her life, too — not just her voice. The Sun is reporting that the ‘Rumour Has It’ singer is making a conscious effort to get fit.

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