Victoria, Texas on the Great Texas Barbecue Trail
Everybody knows Texas has some of the finest barbecue in the world and, Victoria is no stranger when it comes to  great barbecue.
Barbecue restaurants in the area are part of the Great Texas Barbecue Trail, and it is a great one one indeed...
Some Pretty Cool Things About Victoria That You May Not Know
Okay, so Victoria is not a huge metroplex. We get that but, there are some pretty cool things about our fair city that give it a notch or two up on the cool factor that you may not be aware of. According to the Matador Network, we have some things we can be proud of.
Fannin Barbecue Restaurant to be on TV
McMillan Bar-B-Q in Fannin is about to get some national exposure-the historic restaurant will be the subject of a segment on the Cooking Channel.
Hosted by comedian Mo Rocca, the show 'My Grandmother's Ravioli' focuses on grandparents who have interesting recipes and family history, a…