Cat Lovers Need to Check Out this San Antonio Cafe
I admit it, I'm a cat person. We have a couple of cats at home, and they bring us hours of love, affection and amusement. Just for the record, I'm also a dog person and we have 3 of those at home too, but this blog post is about cats, and the San Antonio Cat Cafe...
Pet Adoption Event Today at H.E.B. Plus
Looking for a good pet? I know just the place to adopt one. The Dorothy O'Connor Pet Adoption Center in Victoria (sometimes known as 'Adooption' Center) is one of the best places to go. The oldest running pet adoption center in Victoria County, DOCPAC cares for and offers homeless dog…
Victoria County to Offer Free Dog and Cat Spaying, Neutering
Ask any animal control officer or veterinarian and they'll tell you that dogs and cats that are not spayed or neutered are a serious problem. It can lead to uncontrolled breeding, which causes other problems like unchecked rabies and other diseases, and roaming animals that end up in shelters o…
10 Funniest Cat Videos
This list of the 10 funniest cat videos cover many of the outlandish predicaments that these cute and cuddly felines somehow get themselves into.

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