Girl Puts Cat on Treadmill, Doesn’t End in Tragedy
You might want to watch a video of a cat on a treadmill for the moment when it goes flying off and hits a door hard enough to make a sound but not hard enough to injure the cat. This is not that video. This is a video of a cat that does a pretty good job of running on a treadmill...
Baller Cat Videobombs Weather Report
Apparently the Univision parking lot is overrun with cats. But one of them wasn't content to hang around the lot and wait for its big break. This cat made its way into the building and walked on camera right in the middle of the weather report...
For Your Pleasure, Cats Skydiving to R. Kelly
This is a commercial from Swedish insurance company Folksam. They are customer-owned and so took requests for commercials from their owners, who are also their customers. One customer, Eva, loves cats, apparently so much that nothing would make her happier than throwing a bunch of them out of a plan…
Awesome Cat Bikes Around Philly on Owner’s Shoulder
Pets are the best. They cheer us up when we're feeling blue, let us dress them in super embarrassing costumes and help us in our chemistry lesson struggles. That's why we love it when we come across awesome videos like this one that further prove our point.
Cat Opens Door For Puppies
Cat and dog lovers alike will be grinning after this one, in which Buster busts out some MacGyver moves on a sliding door to help his puppy friends get back into the house.
Cat Eludes Dog With Amazing Ninja Move
As part of an ancient rivalry firmly lodged in the deepest recesses of their animal brains, a frenzied dog chases a terrified cat around a backyard. But this resourceful kitty has a trick up his furry sleeve -- a secret ninja move.
Learn Physics From Kitties
In this video, several adorable kitties get a lesson in basic physics when they become intensely fascinated with a kinetic motion desk toy. We hope you're paying attention, kitties. There will be a test later.

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