Is America Ready for Alcoholic Beverages Made by Coca-Cola?
I'll answer the above question with a resounding yes! You've probably used the soft drink as a mixer, right? Well, the company may be taking the work out of mixing your own with a new line of drinks currently only available in Japan.
It's called Chu-Hi, and it's a carbonated fruit-flavored drink that…
Coca-Cola Announces Flavor Drops as New Beverage
Coca-Cola plans to take a squirt on its competition, as the company recently announced a new product that will require only a few drops to get a thirsty population on the fast track to flavor town.
In the next couple of weeks, consumers can expect to see something called Dasani Drops, which is essent…
Spanish Man Claims Family Invented Coca-Cola
You can't beat the real thing, but you can take credit for inventing it.
A man in the small Spanish town of Ayelo is taking credit for Coca-Cola, claiming his family is responsible for creating the world's most popular soft drink.