Drake Wants to Meet Tattooed Fan, Threatens Artist
Even though it happened a couple of weeks ago, we are still in shock that a Drake fan actually got a tattoo of “DRAKE” (in all caps) etched into her forehead. Drizzy has seen the photo that went viral on the internet and has addressed the situation in a recent interview.
Tattoo Artist Reacts to Drake’s Threats
Surely you remember the foresight-lacking fan who got Drake‘s name emblazoned across her forehead. When Drake heard the news, he was flattered by the fan — and ticked off by the tattooer. The artist, Kevin Campbell, is reacting to Drizzy’s not-so-nice words via — wh…
Drake Reveals ‘I’d Marry Nicki Minaj’
He’s young and successful, but that doesn’t mean Drake hasn’t thought about settling down with the right woman someday. In fact, as he revealed during a recent interview with Elle magazine, he’s really a one-woman type of guy.
In the interview, timed to promote Drake’s upcoming sophomore release ‘Tak…