Eminem Working on Follow-Up to ‘Recovery’
Eminem has remained relatively quiet in the past few months, but don’t worry, he’s busy in the studio plotting on his next album. The Detroit rhyme-slinger has confirmed to MTV News that he’s in the early stages of his new project.
Eminem Is First Person to Get 60 Million Likes on Facebook
No wonder Lady Gaga started her own social networking site with LittleMonsters.com. If she wants to rule to a digital roost other than Twitter, she’s going to have to do so in her own space, since Facebook is clearly Eminem‘s domain.
Even though the rapper has been quiet for much of 2012, he is the f…
Eminem Named Most Popular Celeb Dad
In a poll that we didn’t even know was being conducted, Eminem was voted the Most Popular Celeb Dad by “social network aggregator Starcount.” Now, had we known this even existed, we probably would have exhausted our efforts to make Eminem No. 1 simply beca…

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