Is Jessica Sanchez Joining ‘Glee?’
We already knew that Season 4 of ‘Glee‘ would offer plenty of changes, with much of the cast graduating and moving on to college. Now comes word from TV Line that ‘American Idol‘ runner-up Jessica Sanchez could join the show for multiple episodes.
‘Glee’ Cast Regulars All Returning for Season 4
Oh Internet, you are a coy mistress regarding information, especially when it comes to the status of the graduating cast members of ‘Glee‘ that aren’t Rachel Berry! Rumors abound, based off tweets and comments issued by the actors themselves, that Dianna Agron, Amber Rile…
‘Glee’ Starlet Lea Michele Buys $1.4 Million Home in L.A.
Home sweet home. ‘Glee‘ cutie Lea Michele has purchased a modest (by celeb standards) home in Los Angeles. Michele reportedly forked over $1.4 million for the crib, which features two bedrooms and plenty of closet space. Most celeb abodes have like, 12 bedrooms, so Michele&CloseCurlyQuot…

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