hot mess of the day

Theresa the Terrible — Hot Mess of the Day
Occupation: Full-time hair model, part-time dishrag.
Skills: Clogging shower drains, meeting new friends.
3 Things She Can’t Live Without: The "Whip My Hair Back And Forth" remix (only MP3 on her 1st generation iPod), Horse-grade hair conditioner, and a…
Vulture and Pancake — Hot Mess of the Day
Names: Vulture and Pancake Marianelliolo-Manicotti-Stugots
Location: Deer Park, Long Island
Occupations: Tag-team duo of the Strong Island Gladiators, a local copycat league of the early 1990's TV show 'American Gladiators.' Matches are held every Friday at 8pm in the We…
Edna Scissorhands — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Edna Scissorhands
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Occupation: Freelance foot model, brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton (cease and desist order pending).
Hobbies: Shoe shopping, temporary tattoos and Angry Birds.
6 Things They Can’t Live Without: Foot rubs,…
Sharon & Gary — Hot Mess Picture of the Day
Names: Sharon ‘Shar’ and Gary ‘Gar’ Pendergast
Occupations: Shar- Assistant Manager at Pizza Hut Express. Gar- Retired 90′s hair model
Interests: Florida timeshares, nudist conventions, jewelry-making, funny/cute cat videos and RVs (We have four!)
Homeless But Hip — Hot Mess of The Day
Name: Sassy Stanley
Occupation: Former aerobics instructor (forced into retirement) / current Jeff Bridges impersonator.
Interests: Retro clothing, Lebowski Fest, REO Speedwagon, sidewalk yoga, wedgies and Jazzercise.
Hobbies: Stretching, shopping, bulge rearranging, and walking because for some reaso…