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Idris Elba – Hunk of the Day [PICTURES]
He may have scared the you-know-what out of TV audiences as Stringer Bell on ‘The Wire,’ but nobody can deny the intense sex appeal of British hunk Idris Elba.
At 38, Elba’s career has never been better. He’s appeared in everything from big-screen movies like ‘Thor’ to hit TV shows like ‘The Office.’…
Colin Farrell – Hunk of the Day [PICTURES]
Though he’s since calmed down significantly, Colin Farrell will always be one of Hollywood’s most notorious — and sexiest — bad boys.
Sure, he’s pulled his fair share of stunts in the past (lest we forget this travesty), but the 35-year-old …
Ben Cohen – Hunk of the Day [PICTURES]
Rugby never really caught on in America. Which is really a shame, because we’re missing out on some serious eye candy from across the pond. Like Ben Cohen.
Though he retired in May, the 32-year-old – and oftentimes shirtless – hunk from England had tongues wagging for years with his killer moves both…