Don’t Say ‘108’ to Siri
Right now there is a "prank" going viral on social media, that law enforcement is not happy with.  If you have an IPhone, you might have asked Siri a question for two before. Well say the number '108' to Siri, she will transfer you to 911 within 5 seconds...
Check Out This Giant QR Code Corn Maze
If you've got a lot of time and a helicopter on your hands, we might have just the thing for you. Allow us to introduce you to the Kraay Family Farm — more importantly, the 13th annual Kraay Family Farm corn maze.
Best Twitter Reactions to the New iPhone 5
So Apple is releasing a new iPhone (again). It's thinner, lighter, bigger and faster. It comes with headphones that might actually fit your ears. It fits in your hand. It also possesses the ability to explode the Twitterverse. Here's what people are saying.
10 Best iPhone Games
If you asked Siri what the 10 best iPhone games were, she’d probably answer with a list that looks a little like this.
Apple releases IOS 5.0.1 with fix for iPhone battery life bugs
Apple on Thursday issued IOS 5.0.1, an incremental update for the iPhone, IPad and IPod touch that addresses a well-publicized bug that resulted in shorter battery life.
The update is now available to all users through ITunes, and will also be made available for download as an over-the-air update...

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