John Mayer

Frank Ocean to Perform With John Mayer on SNL
When Frank Ocean graces the stage on the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live' this Saturday (Sept. 15), he will have special guest with him -- singer-guitarist John Mayer. The Odd Future crooner announced the news on his Twitter feed today (Sept. 11). "SNL this weekend. Me and…
Did Katy Perry Date John Mayer Before Meeting Russell Brand?
All eyes are on the seemingly budding romance between singers Katy Perry and John Mayer, who’ve been seen around town in Hollywood hotspots like the Chateau Marmont, which is where celebs are “supposed” to go to have some peace and quiet out of the public eye, yet they are always photographed there …
John Mayer Hits the Road in ‘Shadow Days’ Video
John Mayer seems to be putting his bad boy days behind him in his new ‘Shadow Days‘ video — way far behind him, in fact. The native East Coaster heads west on a solo trip where he seems to find himself, and relish in, getting back to basics.