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Did ‘American Idol’ Want Justin Bieber?!
It seems like everyone who’s anyone in pop and country music is in the running for the vacant judge posts on ‘American Idol.’ Diva Mariah Carey is the only judge firmly in place, as sole OG judge Randy “In It to Win It” Jackson’s future remains up in the air, dawg.
It’s ironic, since he’s Mimi’s mana…
Justin Bieber Pranks Proactiv Customers
Justin Bieber makes no secret how much he loves and appreciates his fans, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun at their expense every now and then. The Proactiv plugger pretended to be the director of a new commercial for the anti-acne agent — and let&Cl…
What Makes Justin Bieber Bummed?
Justin Bieber has it all: pop stardom, a burgeoning movie career, a loving family and a beautiful girlfriend. But there’s one thing Bieber will never be able to do, and it breaks his heart. What’s got our boy down?
Justin Bieber Wants to Star in ‘Fear’ Remake
File this under news we seriously never saw coming: Justin Bieber reportedly wants to star in a remake of ‘Fear.’ The original 1996 film starred Mark Wahlberg as the unhealthily obsessed (huge understatement) boyfriend of Reese Witherspoon.
Justin Bieber Fans Outraged by Disney’s Pun
If there’s one thing you definitely don’t want to do, it’s piss off a mob of angry Beliebers. Disney learned the sting of the backlash firsthand when they jokingly called Justin Bieber a girl on a show recently, which sent his fans into a wave of rage,…

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