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Beliebers Meet Drake Bell at LAX Airport After Tweet Heat
And you thought the Twitter battle between Drake Bell and Justin Bieber's Beliebers was just tweet heat. We said those Beliebers are no joke and they aren't. Turns out some of them met Bell at the airport and put the screws to him after he engaged them in a Twitter battle, insulting their hero and s…
Ed Sheeran Impressed by New Justin Bieber Songs
Late last year, there were rumors that Ed Sheeran, who has penned tracks for One Direction, was working with Justin Bieber on his January-released acoustic album. Apparently, the talented singers are remaining in contact and sharing musical material, as a tweet between the two indicates that Sheeran…
Justin Bieber Has Four Weeks to Pick Up Monkey or Else
Four weeks. Or 28 days. That's how long Justin Bieber has to pick up his quarantined pet monkey, which was seized by German customs officials last Thursday (March 28) when The Biebs tried to escort his simian friend into the country sans the proper paperwork and necessary documentation.
Metallica’s Manager Wants to Spank Justin Bieber
Though it's unclear why a metal and rock manager cares so deeply about Justin Bieber, Peter Mensch, the handler for acts like Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, wants to spank him.
Is that how he keeps his own bands in line? Because we can't really see Anthony Kiedis going for that.

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