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Justin Bieber Paparazzi Chase: Photographer to Fight Charges
Remember when Justin Bieber was chased down the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles by paparazzi who were desperate to get a photo of him in his tricked out Fisker Karma? Well, there are new developments in the case and they involve the constitutional rights of the photographer accused of leading the chase.
Are Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez Moving In Together?
Are Justin Bieber and his longtime love Selena Gomez making an official “move” when it comes to their relationship by moving in together? Well, if moving vans seen outside of Gomez’s pad over the weekend are any indication, that could very well be the case…
Brits Fire Back at Justin Bieber for Prince William Diss
The Brits are not taking kindly to Justin Bieber‘s comments about Prince William — you know, the country’s future king — and his thinning hair. The Biebs suggested that Prince Billy take Propecia, as if it was that simple.
The Biebs also seemed insensitive, since, as a teen with an enviable head of t…
Watch Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ Tour Dance Auditions
Justin Bieber is opening up his Believe tour to aspiring dancers. His team and choreography crew are holding auditions, both in person and online, for those who think they have the skills to earn a slot as a dancer on one of the biggest tours of 2012. They’ve shared some footage from…

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