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Lady Gaga’s Fame Perfume on Track to Rake in $1 Billion
Oh the Fame. It's a blessing and a curse, but when it comes to Lady Gaga and her debut fragrance 'Fame,' it's a blessing times a billion. Word is that the scent, which is black in bottle form but is clear when airborne, is on track to rake in a billion dollars in profits. Yes, a …
Lady Gaga Pees in Pail at Fame Perfume Launch
Lady Gaga launched her Fame fragrance in New York City at the Guggenheim last night (Sept. 13) with a live stream of the event and the corresponding film. This all equated to one of the weirdest things we've ever witnessed in Gagaville.
PETA Says Lady Gaga + Rihanna Are ‘Freaks’
Lady Gaga isn’t the only fashion conscious pop star to draw the ire of PETA, the animal rights organization. Rihanna is also being targeted (again), with the two starlets being dubbed “freaks” for their fashion choices deemed cruel to animals.
Lady Gaga Brings Back the Hair Bow
The hair bow was one of Lady Gaga‘s most talked about styles early in her career, and while she’s not one to go backwards and do too many repeats, the singer did revisit the look while in Estonia.
Kesha’s Letter to Lady Gaga About Fur is Fake

Furgate continues, with fake fur and fake letters. After PETA pounced, actor Alan Cumming then criticized fashion queen Lady Gaga for wearing fur. Gaga then responded, sidestepping whether or not she wears actual skinned fur, all the while saying she respects animal rights crusaders, albeit ones who…
Lady Gaga Battles With PETA Over Fur
Lady Gaga has run afoul of animal rights organization PETA, since she would not rather go naked than wear fur. PETA is claiming that Mama Monster is a hypocrite since she has recently been seen sporting what looks like pink mink fur, despite telling her friend and animal lover Ellen DeGeneres on her…

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