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Lady Gaga Comes Under Fire for ‘Princess Die’ Lyrics
Lady Gaga debuted the melancholy piano ballad ‘Princess Die‘ at the Melbourne stop of the Born This Way Ball  tour, which may or may not appear on her next album. The song, whose lyrics are laced with double entendre about the late Princess Diana, who perished in a 1997 car accident in Paris, has al…
Lady Gaga Battling Cosmetics Company Over Trademark
Lady Gaga is an outspoken opponent of bullying, yet if you believe a company she is embroiled in a lawsuit with, she apparently has bullying tendencies herself. The Mother Monster is being accused of bullying the family that runs Gaga Pure Platinum, a cosmetics company, with a lawsuit. What gives?
Katy Perry Goes Gaga in Vogue Italia
Despite the fact that they are solo pop divas with outrageous fashion senses and the uncanny ability to craft hooky songs, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are rarely compared.
That should change now that Perry’s Vogue Italia photo spread for the July issue has landed, where she goes Gaga. Th…
Lady Gaga Concussion Update: MRI Reveals She is Fine
Lady Gaga sustained a concussion at her New Zealand show, thanks to an errant stage prop, which was mishandled by one of her dancers, causing it to go crashing into her head while performing. As perhaps a cautionary measure, the ‘Marry the Night’ songstress had an MRI, which re…

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