Woman Gets Hand Stuck in ATM
A woman in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania gave new meaning to the phrase "sticky fingers" last week after she attempted to withdraw funds from an ATM.
But instead of a pocket full of cash, she wound up with her hand stuck inside the machine.
Middle School Students Take Field Trip to Hooters
It's every eighth-grade boy's dream: a field trip that involves lunchtime at Hooters, a restaurant more renowned for its bust lines than its menu.
Though the central Pennsylvania middle school students may have been pleased, others were a little astounded at the teachers' restaurant of…
Pennsylvania City Changes Name to Title of Morgan Spurlock Movie
Starting this Wednesday at 1PM, the city of Altoona, PA, will change its name to 'POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,' and keep it for 60 days.
It's all tied to the brand-new documentary from 'Super Size Me' star Morgan Spurlock, which chronicles the prevalence of product placement …
Man Tries to Steal Shrimp by Stuffing Bag Down Pants
While grocery shopping last Thursday, Pennsylvania resident Brian McDaniel decided he wanted to chow down on some shrimp.
Instead of paying for them like your typical consumer, he allegedly shoved the bag down his pants and tried to saunter out of the store.