Co-worker Co-existence: The Psuedo-Boss
There's one in every office. I've had enough jobs to know this to be fact. There's a rotten egg in every basket, a sore loser in every game, and the above mentioned personality in every office.
It's that person who demands respect, but has little to offer...
Co-worker Co-existence: The Smelly Feller
My Dearest Smelly Co-Worker:
I am writing this to you with great regret. I think you are a great person. You are funny and great at your job. But on behalf of the ENTIRE office, we need to have a talk.
This stench that emanates from your office is tough enough to deal with. Yes, we understand that you…
Co-worker Co-existence: The Slacker
Everyone works hard at his or her job, right? We all need that paycheck. We all care about doing what’s best for the company right? It’s about teamwork.
Well, not in every office.
Co-worker Co-existence: The Perfect Co-worker
Co-workers spend more time together these days than they do with their own families. People always seem to have a co-worker that they could do without but there has to be that perfect co-worker out there... right?
I asked a few friends on their thoughts on a perfect co-worker. Jennifer said one that …
Co-worker Co-existence: The Prankster
Do you have that co-worker that is always able to pull a good one on you? Sometimes office pranks can brighten up the day while others may leave someone wanting to get revenge.
But before you play a prank make sure the management knows what you are going to do. I have seen some really good ones on th…
Co-worker Co-existence: The Noisemaker
There are many kinds of co-workers but one you can not “tune” out is the Noisemaker. This co-worker irritates you just by making that sound and sends your body into a cringe.
Whether they are whistling, singing, humming, knuckle cracking, clicking their pen, sipping their …
Co-worker Co-existence: The Drama Mama
One pet peeve regarding co-workers is the co-worker that brings everything to work. This is the person who literally anytime something is going a little wrong, everyone will know it.
Co-worker Co-existence
This week, you will see many blogs on “Co-worker Personalities” from some of the staff here at Q-92. We all have co-workers we love and become great friends with and then there are those crazy coworkers that when you see them, you quickly look for a detour to avoid them.