The Guiltiest Dogs on The Web [VIDEOS]
Is there anything sadder than a guilty dog? Especially one that's just gotten his or her nose figuratively "rubbed in it?"
Here are some adorably pathetic dogs who don't even need to be disciplined because they've already punished themselves enough.
Our Pet of the Day: Thor
Those who know me weren't too surprised when I named my dog after the Norse God of Thunder, thereby making my pet the Dog of Thunder. They weren't surprised because it's a typical nerd thing to do and well, I'm a typical nerd.
Thor, on the other hand, is not your typical dog...
Our Pet of the Day: Jules
Jason Martin of the Victoria Police Department has a Jack Russell Terrier he lovingly refers to as his "Precious Jules". Jules is a rambunctious young pup at the ripe age of a year and a half.
She doesn't particularly have a favorite toy...
Dusty, The Real Life Cat Burglar [VIDEO]
When one hears the words "cat burglar", one might imagine a stealthy, nimble thief making his way into high rises to steal away the valuables of the well to do owner and vanishing off into the night.
In this case, the words are literal. This is a cat. That burgles.
Feeling Down? Slow Mo Kitty Will Cheer You Up! [VIDEO]
With all the improvements we see in video quality and all the special effects we're seeing in movies, sometimes it's nice to see something a little more natural and a little less CGI being captured in slow motion.
If you can watch this High Definition, slow motion video of a kitten playing with his o…
Cutest Puppies of the Puppy Bowl
Animal Planet’s annual Puppy Bowl pits adorable pup against adorable pup every Super Bowl Sunday. This year’s contestants are strong as ever and cuter than Tom Brady and Tony Romo combined. You can watch Puppy Bowl VII on Animal Planet, February 6th at 3pm Eastern…