Don’t Say ‘108’ to Siri
Right now there is a "prank" going viral on social media, that law enforcement is not happy with.  If you have an IPhone, you might have asked Siri a question for two before. Well say the number '108' to Siri, she will transfer you to 911 within 5 seconds...
Is This Husband’s Car Crash Prank Funny or Cruel?
There are funny pranks and those that are just plain cruel. This one, where a husband convinces his wife that they’re about to be creamed by a semi truck in a head-on collision, is definitely more the latter. Hey, this could be grounds for divorce, buddy.
Dinosaur Scares Australian School Children [VIDEO]
One of the first things a youngster learns about dinosaurs is that they have long been extinct. On a certain level, these Australian school children have internalized that lesson. However, when the life-like prehistoric beast starts to roar in this video (after the jump), some of them no longer see…