rick ross

Rick Ross Tour Bus Burglarized
Rick Ross‘ tour bus was vandalized by a burglar (or burglars) this past Saturday (July 21) in Detroit. The thief (or thieves) stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, clothes and other personal items, and afterward, trashed the vehicle.
Rick Ross Donates iPads + Reeboks to His Alma Mater
Rick Ross returned to his alma mater Carol City High School in Miami on May 16 to give a speech on the values of getting a good education. The Maybach Music Group honcho, who graduated from Carol City in 1994, was also treated to a pep rally during the assembly and was given an honorary school footb…
Rick Ross Denies He’s the Father in Paternity Lawsuit
Rick Ross is engulfed in a paternity lawsuit with a Georgia woman who claims the rapper fathered her 3-year-old child. According to TMZ, court papers were recently filed in Broward County by the Florida Department of Revenue on behalf of Tyrisha Childers, who claims Rozay is the daddy of her son.