spring break

Spring Break DWI Enforcement Arrests 7
During Spring Break, area law enforcement were out on extra patrols watching out for DWI violators and as a result, arrested 7 people.
The crackdown ran from March 11th through 19th, and involved the Texas Department of Public Safety, Victoria County Sheriff's Office, and the Victoria Police Dep…
Victoria DWI Task Force On Patrol for Spring Break
It's Spring Break in the Crossroads, a time to rest, recuperate or, in some cases, blow off a little steam. That likely involves enjoying an adult beverage or two but, before you go a little too crazy, keep in mind that Victoria law enforcement is out looking for you.
Spring Break, A Lake, And A Bike [VIDEO]
Spring Break isn’t just for kids its for adults, too. Matt Apodackis is a guy who can pull off some crazy stuff... he rode a bike off a fishing pier into the lake this past Sunday. I think the funniest part was his first try when he didn’t make it to the lake and fell over. I felt bad for laughing b…
How Are You Spending Spring Break?
It’s Spring Break and I know many of you are taking the time off from the daily chaos to just relax and spend time with your families. Many people go camping or take a trip somewhere to celebrate their spring break while others are taking a “staycation” an…