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Taylor Swift Lands in the Guinness Book of World Records
The Guinness Book of World Records: It's not just for people who don't trim their fingernails! It's also for Taylor Swift, who managed to get her name attached to two world records in the 2014 book.
It has nothing to do with breakups -- but it has everything to do with the success of b…
The Best Reaction GIFs from the MTV VMAs
The highlight of last night's VMAS, MTV's annual reminder that they're still tangentially related to the music industry, was easily the multiple shots of stars reacting to Miley Cyrus' super awkward performance. Oh, also 'N Sync reunited or something and provided an answer t…
Taylor Swift Reveals Her Greatest Fears
Taylor Swift is all about being brave -- at least that's what her Keds campaign and breakthrough record, 'Fearless,' would suggest. But that doesn't mean Swift isn't scared of anything. What's she afraid of?

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