What Texas Cities are the Fattest?
In this world of fast food and instant gratification, it's easy to blow your diet and put on a few extra pounds. Take it from me, I never met a midnight snack I didn't like. How fat are Texans in general?
According to the financial website WalletHub, not that bad compared to the rest of the…
It’s the Giving Season and Texas is Not Very Generous
From what I've seen in my 20 plus years living in south Texas, people here can be some of the most generous I've ever known. Take for example our recent St. Jude Radiothon where you guys donated over $34,000 to help fight cancer in just 2 days...
Welcome to the Most Boring City in Texas
You've probably seen or heard people complain that Victoria is boring, and that there's nothing to do around here. Well, that's truly subjective. Really there are plenty of things to do, maybe not as much as in a city like Austin or Houston, but we have a lot to choose from...
15 of America’s Most Fun Cities Are Right Here in Texas
Everything's bigger in Texas, so it's no surprise that we also have a number of cities that are listed as '2017's Most Fun Cities in America.'
The financial website WalletHub compared metrics including fitness centers per capita, the price of movie tickets, the open hours of …
Texas is Selling Your Driver’s License Info
If you have a Texas driver's license, there's a good chance that another business has the information that's listed on your ID card. The state of Texas is selling our info, and they've made $2.7 million on it since 2010.

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