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Which Coaches Will Appear on Season 5 of ‘The Voice?’
When Shakira and Usher first joined the judging panel, filling the big shoes and big red chairs of Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, it was because Aguilera and Green were going on tour and working on their own projects. But are Aguilera and Green actually coming back this fall?
Maybe not!
Which NBC Series Might Get an Early Renewal?
Though still somewhat early in the Upfront seasons, several major broadcast networks have already gone ahead to grant early renewals to their strongest-performing series. Given NBC's troubled lineup over the past few months, however, no firm plans have been laid among even its strongest hits. Though…
When Will the Third Season of ‘The Voice’ Air?
‘The Voice‘ just wrapped its second season, and newly-crowned winner Jermaine Paul has barely had a minute to enjoy his hard-earned status when the news that the third season would air as early as this fall! Rather than wait a year to bring the show back to the schedule, execs are moving…

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