Man Robs Salon For Hair Extensions [VIDEO]
Here’s a tip to all you would be salon robbers out there: after you clear out the cash register, don’t waste your time demanding coins and hair extensions for your girl.  It could get you caught.
Beyonce Films ‘Oh Baby!’ Video
Oh baby! Remember those pesky rumors that Beyonce isn’t really pregnant and that she has been wearing a prosthetic baby bump? Yeah, we know, we had forgotten about them, too, since they were so preposterous. Well, it turns out that Bey filmed a video about all the hype surrounding her pregnancy duri…
Video Games Might Be Warping Our Minds — Health Check
Is your kid hooked on video games? New research says simple brain-wiring may be to blame.
Brain scans conducted on 154 teenagers who played video games at least nine hours per week found the structure and activity in the part of the brain associated with reward processing was larger than in those who…
Britney Spears Releases Raunchy ‘Sweet Dreams’ Video
If you need a visual to help you remeber the 2009 Britney Spears, watch her super-sexed up ‘Sweet Dreams’ video. It was created as an interlude for her 2009 Circus tour and features Brit Brit gyrating, bumping, grinding and getting all sorts of hot and bothered to Marilyn Manso…
Pac-Man Enters the Real World In Creative Short Film [VIDEO]
It isn’t easy being Pac-Man. Having to live with a perpetual hunger for floating yellow dots while being chased by color changing apparitions is the kind of thing that we take for granted NOT having to deal with everyday.
The guys at Respect The Pact created the short film below, givi…

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