Rebecca Black — New Queen of The Internet
Have you heard about Rebecca Black, the tween pop star that came from the Internet? Her single "Friday" has been plastered all over the web over the last few days, and YouTubers have been hard at work warping, remixing and mashing up her stuff.
Here are some of the more interesting…
Think You Can Sing Like Katy Perry and/or Bruno Mars? [VIDEO]
Have you ever heard a song on the radio and thought, "I could sing that!" You have, don't lie.

But what about all the other stuff that goes into the song? The guitar, the bass, the drums, the synthesizer? Think you could do all that, too?

Before you answer that, you might want to wa…
Don’t Watch This If You Have Motion Sickness [VIDEO]
There's a part of my inner psyche that cringes any time I come across a YouTube video with the words "helmet mounted camera". It generally means I'm going to get vertigo from watching the video and/or I'm about to see someone do something really stupid/insane/death d…