A lot of people brag about how smart their dog is, about how they understand every word being said to them, about how their dog once pulled them out of a burning building and then went back in and grabbed all their valuables.

Okay, so I might be exagerating that last bit.

As smart as their dogs are, can any of those people say their dog can talk? I don't mean barking for a treat, I mean doing a slightly scary impression of what their human friends are saying to them?

Hit the "Read More" link below to see an impressive display of canine vocal skills.

Mishka here may have the most impressive vocal skills out of the bunch.


This pooch showed off his vocal talents on Letterman.

Here’s a bunch of dogs talking, mostly about their moms.

Instead of barking, this puppy screams “Elmo”.

It’s really more humming than talking, but Oscar still has unusual vocal skills for a canine.